Quantum Recruitment Dynamics Philippines, Inc. (QRDPI) was established with the mission to provide clients with solutions for their Human Resource requirements: Temporary Staffing, Project Management Staffing, and Outsourcing Services (Payroll). Guided by the vision to serve the needs of thriving industries, as well as to provide an avenue for the workforce to be connected to the best employers, the inception of QRDPI became imminent as the demand for outsourced labor-placement services grew exponentially. And behind this initiative is a team of seasoned individuals with years of expertise in the recruitment industry, with the proficiency to partner with, and ably serve, Multinational Clients as well as Local and Offshore Companies for their total Human Resource needs. The incorporators of Quantum Recruitment Dynamics Inc. (QRDI) have been in the recruitment industry since 2005.

When the business commenced, they had the objective of providing quality manpower supply services for international companies experiencing shortages for both professional and skilled personnel. Through the years, QRDI achieved a reputation for outstanding personalized service to meet the staffing needs of various companies across diverse industries in Australia and other regions around the globe, from permanent placements to contract and temporary assignments. In September 2007, QRDI changed its business name to International Resource Solutions Pty Ltd, then later on to (its present name of) UltimateSkills Philippines Inc.

From then on, the company continued its remarkable growth, partnering with the likes of multinational professional services giant Ernst and Young for the supply of quality Accountants, as well as for other white and blue collar positions for Australia. In its pursuit of identifying quality candidates, the company acquired a unique Database
Management System for clients and candidates, and developed a vast network of sources to enhance its recruitment process Come 2013 when the global economy was somehow recovering from the sting of the crippling 2009 global financial crisis, the QRDI team identified an emergent PH market in need of local professionals outsourced through recruitment agencies. This brought about the formation of a new company which tapped the team’s combined expertise in HR Solutions and Outsourcing Services.

Quantum Recruitment Dynamics Philippines Inc. (QRDPI) was hence created, with the aim of serving the needs of local companies in search of quality professionals. It has become our mission to help address and resolve the human resource challenges faced by our clients by way of fulfilling their staffing needs and payroll services, thereby freeing up valuable time for them to focus their attention on their core business. As a Job Contractor (for Temporary and Project Management Staffing Services), we will strictly implement D.O. 18-0A in our partnership with companies engaged in Telecommunications, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Services, Pharmaceutical, Call Center and other major industries. In availing of these services, the client will be spared of direct relationship with the employees assigned to its company; that is, we will be the client's first line of defense against any employee or labor concerns. From humble beginnings, the original organization has grown by leaps and bounds as a result of its firm adherence to professionalism and customer care, bringing forth this new entity.

With highly dedicated personnel who are well-experienced in the field of Recruitment, QRD Philippines Inc. will maintain its stronghold in the industry and continue its core function of providing skilled tradesmen, Engineers, Managers and Executives to businesses in the Philippines and around the world.